• Breeds

   The breeding stock consists of the own old tribe De Keyzer,
           formed by strong selection over the years and includes
           mainly the line of the "Golden Wing winner  BARCELONA '94
           and CARTEUS pigeons from Ronse.

           The latest additions which have been added in the breeding cage
           are mainly that of Tom Van Den Berghe, Dikkelvenne (line 5° 
           Nat. and 14° Intern. Barcelona), Andre Colbrandt, Bottelare
           (100% race Florizoone), Koen & Oscar Brackenier, Oosterzele
           (Line L. Claessens - F. Warnier), Wilfried Bruyneel, Mater
           (Crossing Carteus + G. Etienne Devos) and Eric Limbourg,
           Brussegem (grandson Lucky Dreamer + 77).

   There is breeding with the "First Lady" and
            the best Barcelona racer ever "DEN BARCA (BARCELONA Odilon)
           of Solange Decuyper - Gijzenzele.

   Since summer 2011, breeding + exchange with JOS JOOSEN - BRECHT
(half sister 1st International Marseille 2010 - line BONGA)